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Group Time:ubtitle

Group time for stories, music and exercise help children learn the importance of listening, paying attention and participating in class activities.  The class also partakes of a small snack each day.  The older class will take field trips to various places in Southern Indiana to enhance their in-class lessons.

Focus Areas:

Focus is given to recognizing colors, shapes, letters, numbers, counting in sequence and handwriting techniques.  The second-year student will be able to write their name, letters and numbers.

In each class, we use our well-proven technique for teaching phonics, a basic education building block for leaning to read.  Then we match the letter to its phonics sound.  The second-year student works with both consonant and vowel sounds in order to begin reading words.  Sight words are also recognized.

Through our art program, the basic academic areas are reviewed, and we highlight eye-hand coordination to facilitate writing, scissoring and gluing techniques along with the important skill of following one-step and multi-step directions.

Our school was founded in 1974 by Lonnie Breeding, a retired teacher and school principal, who believed there was a need for early education in the Charlestown/North Clark County, Indiana, area.  We continue to surround our preschoolers with a Christian atmosphere to develop responsibility, independence and self-discipline within each child, while also teaching the academics needed for them to begin their elementary school career.

Wee Ones operates with both Montessori and guided instruction-type systems.  We have 3 full-time teachers and 1 part-time teacher who will teach with a small-group or one-on-one manner. Centers are set up throughout the large classroom so that your child can experience learning with their personal style, whether it be through puzzles, dramatic play, drawing, building, etc.



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